Trigger Point Injections in Goodyear, Arizona

Trigger point injection (TPI) may be an option for treating pain, numbness and tingling in some patients. TPI is a procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain nerve trigger points, or knots of muscle that form when nerves get pinches in the spine and muscles do not relax. Many times, these knots can be felt under the skin. Trigger points may irritate the nerves around them and cause referred pain or numbness and tingling, or symptoms felt in another part of the body.

In the TPI procedure, an advanced health care professional inserts a small needle into the patient's trigger point, located just under the skin in the muscle. The injection contains a local anesthetic (Lidocaine, which is similar to the novacaine the dentist uses), and may include a corticosteroid or anti-inflamatory.

Trigger Point Injections can be performed by two different methods:

1) By Needle, Or 2) by a "needle free" injection

TPI is used to treat many muscle groups, especially those in the arms, legs, lower back, and neck. In addition, TPI can be used to treat fibromyalgia and tension headaches. The technique is also used to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle) that does not respond to other treatments.

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