Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by a Goodyear, AZ Chiropractor

Whether you have back pain, knee pain, or another musculoskeletal issue, a Goodyear chiropractor can help. Using natural treatments that get to the root of the problem, a chiropractor relieves discomfort without the possibility of addiction or the lengthy list of side effects associated with most drugs. In fact, at Estella Pkwy Medical Center, we help people with various conditions ranging from sciatica to degeneration, and even headaches. 

Conditions Treated

Back Pain 

Sciatica isn't a condition, but it's a common symptom of various lower back problems including stenosis. It describes symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling that tends to start in your lower back and may possibly extend down one of your legs. It could stem from an injury or condition that either entraps or damages the sciatic nerve. Sometimes, sciatica arises as a result of pregnancy. 

Spinal stenosis is another cause of back pain. It occurs when the space located around your spine begins to narrow and presses against the nerves. It tends to affect the lower back, but it could also affect the neck. Although not everyone has symptoms those who do often complain of tingling, weakness, and pain.

Another condition we treat is degenerative disc disease, which happens due to changes in the discs in your back. As you age, you're more at risk for this condition. Not to mention, once you have it, the changes may worsen as you age. It's possible to not have symptoms, but if you do, you might have pain. 

We also help patients who have an injury like a herniated or slipped disc, which occurs when a disc has a tear. The contents of it will start to protrude through the tear. A bulging disc, on the other hand, occurs when the outer wall of the disc weakens and stretches. Lifting could cause either one of these injuries. 

Neck Pain

One of the most common causes of neck pain we treat is whiplash. It arises when your neck is pushed forward and then springs back. The force causes damage to the muscles, discs, joints, and other components of your neck. 

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are sometimes linked with musculoskeletal issues. In some cases, they stem from a nutritional deficit. Either way, chiropractic care can help. 

Personal and Over Usage Injuries

You might develop an issue as the result of a personal injury like at work, playing sports, or a car accident. At our clinic, we help patients who have shoulder, back, neck, elbow, or knee pain from an injury.

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